Our team at Illume understands the increasing complexities and demands associated with funding, acquisitions, expansions, and various transactional activities. We offer our expertise in managing these processes effectively, from the initial deal negotiations to the final delivery of value to stakeholders.

Our services include undertaking thorough due diligence, both on the buy side and sell side, to ensure that all aspects of the transaction are thoroughly investigated and analyzed. This helps in identifying potential risks, opportunities, and areas for improvement. During the integration phase, we work closely with your team to capture synergies and maximize value. We help streamline operations, optimize processes, and implement effective strategies that contribute to the overall success of the transaction. Our focus is not only on completing the transaction but also on delivering value to your stakeholders. We understand that the ultimate goal is to create sustainable growth and long-term benefits for your organization.

With our expertise and experience in managing complex transactions, Illume can assist you to navigate the challenges and intricacies of funding, acquisitions, and other cross-border activities. We are committed to providing you with comprehensive solutions that meet your specific needs and contribute to your overall success.

Transaction Support

Businesses today, during various stages of the life cycle, are amenable to and exposed to requirements of fund raising, mergers and acquisitions, group restructuring, listing and restructuring in their businesses.

All these aspects require in-depth structuring exercise considering commercials between the parties, rights and liabilities of various stakeholders, valuations of various assets as well as businesses as a whole, risks and liabilities, tax implications at the time of entry and exit, regulatory considerations such as applicability of various regulations, licensing and approval requirements, compliances and timelines. The transaction structure finalized during the structuring exercise requires meticulous implementation and coordination with various stakeholders and intermediaries.

Our team is highly proficient and experienced in catering to a comprehensive range of M&A services including transaction structuring, M&A, valuations, due diligence and deal advisory providing end-to-end services from advisory to implementation.

Transaction structuring and M&A

Business re-organisation such as group re-structuring, consolidation and segmentation of businesses, cash repatriation strategies, legal entity rationalisation, post-merger integration, pre-IPO structuring.

Domestic M&A and transactions such as acquisition and or divestment of business and or assets in terms of merger, demerger, slump sale, asset sale etc., private equity investments and divestments, joint venture, leveraged or management buy-outs, debt restructuring, cross border investments and transactions and indirect transfers

Start-up specific transactions such as capital structure table structuring, acqui-hiring, IPR structuring, flip and reverse flip structuring, ESOP or employee incentive structuring, venture debt structure, earn-outs or promote structuring.

Miscellaneous such as secondment agreements, issue of market linked debentures, securitization transactions

Valuation services

Our valuation services comply with Indian tax, exchange control, SEBI, corporate and insolvency regulations which includes:


Income Tax: ESOP, issue and or transfer of securities


RBI: Issue and or transfer of securities


SEBI: Delisting, Takeover Code, ESOP


Valuation for Corporate restructuring- Merger or demerger


Acquisition related valuations


Companies Act


Goods and Services Tax

Our financial modelling support includes:


Decision and strategy impact analyses


Model preparation


Independent model review


Business plans and forecasts

Due diligence services

Financial due diligence: Evaluating and identifying the company’s assets and liabilities along with insights on quality of revenue and earnings, integrity of accounting systems, quality of MIS, review of working capital and cash flows, contingent liabilities and sensitivity analysis

Tax due diligence: Identifying material tax exposures, validating representations made by the seller and assumptions in valuation by the buyer, structuring deal in a tax efficient manner and identifying tax saving opportunities

People due diligence: Examining employment contracts that the Company has with its employees and consultants along with potential perks and any associated expenditures

Legal and regulatory due diligence: Verifying compliance with all legal, regulatory and secretarial requirements, sale and purchase agreements and associated transaction documents, registrations, license and permits and providing support at all stages of a transaction from pre-deal work to post-closing support.

Deal advisory services

Developing a transaction strategy and finalization of the business plan

Identifying the target or strategic partners or investors and approaching them

Negotiating terms and valuation with the shortlisted partners

Finalizing the structure of MoU with the shortlisted partner

Managing the due diligence process, reviewing and finalizing transaction documents

Facilitating closure of the transaction